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Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Vol. 8 SC

Saban’s Go Go Power Rangers Vol. 8 SC

by Ryan Parrott and Sina Grace

Ages: Teen
Illustrated by: Francesco Mortarino and Eduardo Francisco
ISBN: 9781684156078


  • I am the Thirsty Desert
  • Written and Drawn by Henrietta
  • Winnie and the Trouble With Trolls
  • What Loretta’s Katydid Did
  • We Are Human Animals
  • Wants vs. Needs vs. Robots
  • Waking Ben Doldrums
  • Too Many Rabbits
  • The Tree and the River
  • The Sprite and the Gardener
  • The Snowcat Prince
  • The Sky Is Not the Limit
  • The Not-So-Perfect Plan
  • The Moth Keeper
  • The Miracle Seed
  • The Making of Butterflies
  • The Laugh
  • The Kitchen Pantry Scientist: Ecology for Kids
  • The House That Ruth Built
  • The Guardian Test (Legends of Lotus Island #1)
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