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Nurtured and Nuzzled ∙ Criados y Acariciados

Nurtured and Nuzzled ∙ Criados y Acariciados

by Editors at Platypus Media

Celebrate the bond between parent and child in this richly illustrated exploration of the animal world. This bilingual, early childhood science book is a literary safari with an important message about the meaning of parenting. With stunning illustrations of mothers tending to their cubs, pups, calves and chicks, the book captures the imagination of even the youngest readers. As a bilingual English/Spanish book, it also helps develop vocabulary in two languages. A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide, available for free download in both English and Spanish, expands the book’s effectiveness by including engaging, thought-provoking, age-appropriate activities, along with beautiful animal photo flashcards and worksheets. Four audio narrations (English only, Spanish only, Integrated, and Pronunciation Guide) can be listened to at the publisher’s website.

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Mike Speiser
ISBN: 9781930775800
Price: $9.95
Published by: Platypus Media


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