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Missy and Mason 1—Missy Wants a Mammoth

Missy and Mason 1—Missy Wants a Mammoth

by Pam Vaughan

Ages: 4-6
Illustrated by: Ariel Landy
ISBN: 9781645950844


  • What If You Had an Animal Home!?
  • There’s No Such Thing as… Mermaids
  • Such a Library!
  • Millie Fleur’s Poison Garden
  • Makers
  • Lovely Day
  • Lily Blue Riding Hood
  • The Legend of Tiger and Tail-Flower
  • I Am Curious: An Acorn Book (Princess Truly #7)
  • Frankenstein’s Matzah
  • Counting on Naamah
  • Asteroid Goldberg—Passover in Outer Space
  • Aiko and the Planet of the Dogs
  • Your House Is Not Just a House
  • You’re a Star, Lolo!
  • You Wonder All the Time
  • You Made Fun of My Sandwich
  • You Can’t Be a Pterodactyl!
  • You Can Throw a Party!
  • Wonder Walkers
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