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Mango & Bambang: Not-A-Pig

Mango & Bambang: Not-A-Pig

by Polly Faber

Mango Allsorts is good at all sorts of things, not just karate and chess. Bambang is most definitely not-a-pig and is now lost in a very busy city. When the two unexpectedly meet, a friendship begins. Bambang requires a great deal of coaxing and comforting to help him acclimate to the big city, and Mango is just the girl for the job. But when Mango faces a nerve-racking challenge of her own, will Bambang be able to return the favor? Filled with adventures and plenty of banana pancakes, this collection of four stories is sure to amuse and inspire any child — or not-a-pig.

Ages: 7-12
Illustrated by: Clara Vulliamy
ISBN: 9780763682262
Price: $14.99
Published by: Candlewick Press

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