Look What I See! Where Can I Be? With My Animal Friends

Look What I See! Where Can I Be? With My Animal Friends

by Dia L. Michels

A charming baby dozes during each of her family’s outings. Wakened by the sounds and smells of the places where different animals reside, Baby opens her eyes and sees lively details–an eye, an ear, a hoof, a head. Help Baby solve the mysteries of this guessing game book. Where would she see a dolphin’s face? Where would she see the furry ears of a German shepherd pup? Celebrates the fun of exploring new places, the excitement of seeing real animals, and the joy of bringing home a new pet.

Ages: 0-3
Illustrated by: Michael J.N. Bowles (photography)
ISBN: 1930775075
Price: 9.95
Published by: Science, Naturally!


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