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Groundhog’s Dilemma

Groundhog’s Dilemma

by Kristen Remenar

When Groundhog sees his shadow, half the forest creatures are excited at six more weeks of winter, and the other half aren’t so happy. The animals get the idea that they can bribe Groundhog to report the shadow verdict that they each desire.

Before he knows it, Groundhog’s social calendar and stomach are both full as the animals shower him with treats and invites to baseball games, picnics, and bonfires. Groundhog begins to enjoy all the attention and time with his new friends, so he decides to play along and promises to return the prediction each animal wants.

When the next Groundhog Day arrives, a nervous Groundhog is torn between lying to maintain his popularity and telling the truth. He finally realizes that he can’t please everyone. He must resist peer pressure and truthfully report what he sees.

Ages: 3-7
Illustrated by: Matt Faulkner
ISBN: 9781580896009
Price: $16.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.


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