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Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt

Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt

by Olivia Fu

Elizabeth’s Constellation Quilt is a cozy read-aloud book about a child’s love for her father and the beauty of the stars at night.

Elizabeth is a young mouse who wants to be a sailor like her father. Her father tells her a sailor must use the stars to find his way, but to Elizabeth, all stars look the same. Then her mother makes her a constellation quilt. When her father is lost at sea, Elizabeth is the one who sails to rescue him, armed with her quilt and her new knowledge of the stars.

Ages: 3-7
Illustrated by: Olivia Fu
ISBN: 9780990782919
Price: $16.99
Published by: http://tumblehomelearning.com/product/elizabeths-constellation-quilt-book/


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