January 2020

Fight of the CenturyFight of the Century
by Barb Rosenstock
Wood, Wire, WingsWood, Wire, Wings
by Kirsten W. Larson
Brown Sugar BabeBrown Sugar Babe
by Charlotte Watson Sherman
Another Dreadful Fairy BookAnother Dreadful Fairy Book
by Jon Etter
Amazing AmphibiansAmazing Amphibians
by Lisa Amstutz
Scavenge the StarsScavenge the Stars
by Tara Sim
Race to the SunRace to the Sun
by Rebecca Roanhorse
Swim Swim SinkSwim Swim Sink
by Jenn Harney
The Bat BookThe Bat Book
by Charlotte Milner
A is for AntA is for Ant
Trial of KitaroTrial of Kitaro
by Shigeru Mizuki
Year of the RabbitYear of the Rabbit
by Tian Veasna
Not So Pure and SimpleNot So Pure and Simple
by Lamar Giles
Snail CrossingSnail Crossing
by Corey R. Tabor
Home GamesHome Games
by Benjamin Markovits
Don’t Read the CommentsDon’t Read the Comments
by Eric Smith
Pixie Pushes OnPixie Pushes On
by Tamara Bundy
The President of the JungleThe President of the Jungle
by Paula Desgualdo and Pedro Markun
Arthur and the Golden RopeArthur and the Golden Rope
by Joe Todd-Stanton
Stig & Tilde: Leader of the PackStig & Tilde
by Max de Radiguès
Winter in WartimeWinter in Wartime
by Jan Terlouw
A Traveller in TimeA Traveller in Time
by Alison Uttley
Bad Machinery Volume 9Bad Machinery Volume 9
by John Allison
Sobre los insectosSobre los insectos
by Cathryn Sill
Lost for WordsLost for Words
by Natalie Russell
Finder, Coal Mine DogFinder, Coal Mine Dog
by Alison Hart
Helper Hounds: Sparky Helps Mary Make New FriendsHelper Hounds
by Caryn Rivadeneira
Gold Medal Games: Individual Sports of the Summer GamesGold Medal Games
by Aaron Derr
Elizabeth Cady Stanton: Fighter for Women’s RightsElizabeth Cady Stanton
by Jeri Cipriano
King and the DragonfliesKing and the Dragonflies
by Kacen Callender
Furious ThingFurious Thing
by Jenny Downham
Sing With Me / Canta ConmigoSing With Me / Canta Conmigo
by Jose-Luis Orozco
by Amy McCulloch
Hollow DollsHollow Dolls
by MarcyKate Connolly
Belle RévolteBelle Révolte
by Linsey Miller
Bear in LoveBear in Love
by Sam Loman
A Voice Named ArethaA Voice Named Aretha
by Katheryn Russel-Brown
A Heart So Fierce and BrokenA Heart So Fierce and Broken
by Brigid Kemmerer
The Map From Here to ThereThe Map From Here to There
by Emery Lord
Rocko’s Modern Afterlife SCRocko’s Modern Afterlife SC
by Ryan Ferrier
Honeybee: The Busy Life of Apis MelliferaHoneybee
by Candace Fleming
Ohana Means FamilyOhana Means Family
by Ilima Loomis
Give Us the Vote!: Over Two Hundred Years of Fighting for the BallotGive Us the Vote!
by Susan Goldman Rubin
Don’t Read the CommentsDon’t Read the Comments
by Eric Smith
Bee Heartful: Spread Loving-KindnessBee Heartful
by Frank Sileo
Gillbert Volume 2Gillbert Volume 2
by Art Baltazar
Only Living Girl Volume 2Only Living Girl Volume 2
by David Gallaher
Geronimo Stilton Reporter Volume 4Geronimo Stilton Reporter Volume 4
by Geronimo Stilton
Martin Luther King JrMartin Luther King Jr
by Isabel Sanchez Vegara
Poems Aloud: An anthology of poems to read out loudPoems Aloud
by Joseph Coelho
Everybody CountsEverybody Counts
by Kristin Roskifte
Dr. Seuss’s Spring ThingsDr. Seuss’s Spring Things
by Dr. Seuss
Brave. Black. First.Brave. Black. First.
by Cheryl Willis Hudson
Just Like MeJust Like Me
by Vannessa Brantley-Newton
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