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Amazon’s Book Week Book Donation & Reading Tips From RIF

Amazon is offering a selection of 16 free ebooks from Amazon Publishing (all picture books) from May 2-8. They are also donating around 21,000 Amazon Publishing print books (also picture books) to a group of Title 1 schools in Seattle/Tacoma, Houston, Baltimore, and Northern Virginia. 

Each child in the designated grades at these schools will receive three books in hopes it will encourage literacy, spark their imaginations, and help develop a lifelong love of reading.

Additionally, Reading is Fundamental (RIF) brings us some tips for integrating literacy and reading into a child’s daily routine.

Reading Tips from RIF


Children use their eyes to learn. See what catches your child’s attention and talk about it. Or connect eye-to-eye, then smile, chat, hug, or make funny faces!


Children’s brains light up when you talk, sing, or make sounds back and forth with them. Chat about your day, food, and what’s around you, or string sounds together for a fun conversation!


Young children learn best when you follow their lead. Tune into your child’s words, sounds, movements, and ideas! Then respond with your own words and actions.

Take turns

Children learn from taking turns when you play, talk, or explore together. After they go, take your turn. Then repeat: they go, you go, they go, you go.


Children’s brains grow strong when you help them stretch their learning further. Keep a moment going: ask your child a question that starts with what, when, where, how or why.

Read more at Amazon’s Children’s Book Week page.

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