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The Early Career Committee moves to CBC News!

We’re excited to start sharing content from the Early Career Committee on our newsfeed, so you can keep up new information and reference past material from the committee. You can expect to see things like, event recaps, tips and thoughts from committee members, new and old interviews with publishing professionals, and more!

The Early Career Committee is dedicated to connecting young publishing professionals with each other, but also with resources and advice to help them succeed. For the purposes of sharing content on a wider scale, we will be sharing certain sections of our newsletters. You can sign up for our email list to receive the full bi-monthly newsletter and event invites.

Here are some of our favorite newsletter columns:

The Mentor Corner is a section for senior publishing professionals to answer questions about their career, how they got to where they are today, and what they enjoy most about their work. Some notable features included Cassie Malmo, Simon & Schuster; Kristine Enderle, Magination Press; Tracy van Straaten, Scholastic; David Briggs, Macmillan. Stay tuned for new interviews this year.

Day in the Life is a section written as a deep-dive into the details of an individual publishing professionals’ daily life at work. This is a great resource for young-to-publishing people who are curious about what the day-to-day life of an editor, marketer, designer, etc looks like.

All of this great content can now be found in the Early Career Committee section of our newsfeed, as well as searching the tag, ECC. We will be posting old content of value as well as new sections from upcoming newsletters!

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