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From the NYCC Sketchbook:
Vitor Cafaggi

NYCC is October 3-6 and the From the Sketchbook series this week will feature comic artists sharing their creative process and providing context for their graphic novels.

Our comics artist today is Vitor Cafaggi, the author-illustrator of Vincent Book Two: Heartbreak and Parties 101 published by Papercutz. He is a professor of visual narrative, script and character development in Brazil. On October 1, he will be guest lecturer at the prestigious Society of Illustrators.

In this collection of comic strips, Heartbreak and Parties 101, Vincent is attempting to balance his new college career, DnD sessions, and falling in love with two girls at the same time. Is this too much to handle? Find out in Vincent Book Two.

“When I went to design the cover of the American edition, I wanted to show these two worlds of Vincent’s story. For that, I was inspired by Norman Rockwell’s cover compositions. More precisely, in his painting Boy Reading Adventure Story, where a boy is reading a book while imagining himself as a knight.”

“The big difference between the 2nd and 1st volumes of Vincent are the roleplaying scenes. It was really fun to think of each class for each character, according to their personalities. Here we can see some thumbnails of the first strips of chapter four. I always do thumbnails for all the comic strips.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Thumbnails are at the top of this page.

“To differentiate the RPG scenes from the “real world” scenes, I thought not only of changing my drawing style to something more adventurous, but also I chose to draw them in pencil and not finish them with ink. I wanted them to have a rougher look, almost like a rough draft.”

More of Vitor Cafaggi’s artwork can be found in the graphic novel Vincent Book Two: Heartbreak and Parties 101.

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