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From the Sketchbook:
Renée Andriani

This CBC series features illustrators sharing their creative process and providing context for their amazing artwork.

Our artist this week is Renée Andriani a RISD graduate and a picture book illustrator of titles such as No Naptime for Janie! In this post, she discusses the process she used for illustrating Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure: The Whole Megillah!

What happens when Bunny Romero—a Jewish immigrant from Mexico—discovers that the kitchen is not part of the White House tour? Find out in this delightful rhyming tale, lightly sprinkled with Spanish, Yiddish, and Hebrew, about a day that Bunny—and everyone else at the White House (including one fun-loving turkey)—will never forget!

“The images here show the progression of two side-by-side pages in the book that feature the Blue Room: from references, to thumbnail sketches, to refined sketches, and finally to the finished art.”

“The right-hand page shows Bunny Romero imagining herself with President Martin Van Buren as she participates (as a painter) in his choosing of the color blue. “

“It was a lot of fun to work on Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure: The Whole Megillah! with author Margie Blumberg . . . . It was very much a collaboration, where we talked through ideas, exchanged research, and went over sketches together . . . and—inevitably—talked a lot of politics!”

More of Renée Andriani’s amazing art can be found in the new picture book from MB Publishing.

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