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Beyond the Page: Margie Blumberg

This week we are excited to feature Margie Blumberg, author of Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure: The Whole Megillah! illustrated by Renée Andriani (MB Publishing, August 2018). Get to know her through fun questions below.

What’s your favorite (current or all-time) movie, dessert, and adult book?

Favorite movie: Dave (all-time)
Favorite dessert: Nutty oat bar (current)
Favorite adult book:Battle Cry by Leon Uris (all-time)

What was your favorite TV show?

M*A*S*H: What a fabulous show! Every episode was laugh-out-loud funny and poignant. The fact that the actors could make viewers laugh and cry every week is why, I think, this series was so successful.

What would you title your memoir?

You’ve Gotta Have a Dream.

Tell us one fun insider-fact about Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure.  

The last name of the American president in Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure is Tall Chief. I named her after the celebrated Native American prima ballerina Maria Tallchief (1925-2013). Her nephew, George Skibine, an attorney in Washington, D.C., assured me that I could use her last name in the book, but we agreed that I should present it as it was originally spelled—that is, Tall Chief, not Tallchief. And that’s how President Tall Chief got her name!

Margie Blumberg

Margie Blumberg is the author/publisher of Avram’s Gift, Breezy Bunnies, Sunny Bunnies, Paris Hop!, Rome Romp!, No Naptime for Janie: A Hanukkah Tale, Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure: The Whole Megillah!, and The Scoop on Good Grammar. She is also the co-author of Shakespeare for Kids: His Life and Times. Margie is the publisher of the following: Celtic Run: A Jake McGreevy Novel, Chicago Bound: A Jake McGreevy Novel, The Secret at Haney Field: A Baseball Mystery, Escape in Time, A Gefilte Fishy Tale, and Tutti’s Promise. Future MB Publishing titles include the picture books Busy Bunnies and Snowy Bunnies (illustrated by June Goulding) and the third Jake McGreevy Novel, Paris Plunder. A native Washingtonian, Ms. Blumberg resides in Bethesda, Maryland, where she enjoys reading, collecting first-edition novels and plays, cooking, biking, playing backgammon, and watching movies.

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