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From the Sketchbook:
Steve Ellis

This CBC series features illustrators sharing their creative process and providing context for their amazing artwork.

Steve Ellis is the comics artist of the Harvey Award nominated Best Graphic Novel for Young Readers series, The Only Living Boy (Papercutz). Ellis shares his character design notes for the new series, The Only Living Girl.

“Zee is the main character of The Only Living Girl.  She’s positive, driven and confident. I wanted her to have an aura of power. Though she appeared in just a few panels in The Only Living Boy, I wanted to give her as much weight as the other characters. Here are sketches.”

“My real inspiration for The Only Living Boy was childhood and childhoods’ loss. . . When designing a world filled with monsters and creatures torn from different planes of reality I did a million sketches, researched a lot of animals and creatures from obscure ares of the world really stretched my imagination.”

“Morgan was introduced in the first series, but will play a larger part in The Only Living Girl. She’s a fierce mermaid warrior, devoted to the idea of becoming the world’s best, but also committed to understanding former enemies. “

More of Steve Ellis’ final art can be found in The Only Living Girl,
the first graphic novel in a new series.

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