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3 Questions with Katie Mullaly


What is your favorite part of working on these children’s books?

I have two favorite parts. The first is that I get to create stories and tools for readers (of all ages) that can have an important impact on their lives. I write about what I am struggling with in the hopes that it can help someone else. Secondly, the fact that I get to do what I really feel like I am here on this planet to do is a HUGE thing. When you find your purpose, and then have the opportunity to pursue it, you are fortunate – and I am the luckiest girl I know! Plus, having Toby as my illustrator and partner in creating this books is icing on the cake.


What are your favorite kinds of stories?

Stories that create great visuals are always my favorite. Whether it’s through amazing illustrations, or descriptions, if I can “see” the story, it resonates with me, no matter the subject. Stories that take me to places and times I have never been allow me to almost live a different life, for at least a moment. And finally, stories that leave me with a different perspective or lesson are what makes reading so vital.


What would you be doing if you weren’t working as an illustrator/author, i.e. what is your other dream job?

My other dream job would be one where I make new things out of old things. I was the kid who made whole houses with furnishings for her Barbie out of anything I could find. Even now, put me in a junk yard or flee market, or really anywhere that people are getting rid of old things and my mind will have a heyday! I love the idea of giving new life to what was once discarded.


About Katie Mullaly
As a lover of rhyme, rhythm and reason, Katie Mullaly continues to share her passion for teaching, creating greater awareness and living a conscious life through the Land of… Children’s Books®.

The Land of… Children’s Books® series came about from years of Katie’s soul-searching, seeking her purpose and wanting to create something meaningful that incorporated her passion for mindful living. This series allows Katie to find new sources of creativity that she didn’t know she had. It also allows her to share her experiences of trying to be a better human with her readers.

Katie has a BS in Science Communication and an MS in Professional Master of Science and Technology, both from the University of Utah, and is working on a “PhD” in being a better human. She will be working on her dissertation on being a conscious, caring person for the rest of her life, and looks forward to sharing that work with anyone who will read her books.

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