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Announcing the New Action Book Club Theme ‘Come Together’

Little Free Library has announced their new Action Book Club theme: COME TOGETHER, which celebrates the power of unity, equity, and understanding in a divided world.

They have also put together an awesome recommended reading list of titles with the help if CBC member publishers and others!

Find out how you can start your own Action Book Club and check out the recommended reading list here!

About the Action Book Club

Little Free Library believe that books can inspire you to make the world a better place—starting in your own neighborhood!

In a new twist on the traditional book club, Little Free Library’s Action Book Club™ invites participants to read books on timely topics, engage in lively discussions, and take part in meaningful—and fun—group service projects to benefit their communities. This is reading and social engagement at its best.

When Action Book Club members share their experiences online, they help start a ripple effect of positive activity across the country and around the world.

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