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Scholastic Book Clubs Editors Predict 2018 Children’s Book Trends

Scholastic Book Clubs Editors curated a list of what they think the top trends will be in children’s books in 2018. According to Scholastic Book Clubs President Judy Newman, “Scholastic Book Club editors have unique insight into the trends surfacing in children’s literature through their dedicated effort to feature a wide range of choice all year long in our monthly, in-classroom flyers. Their expertise helps more children find just the right book at the right time to encourage a love for independent reading.” 

Here are the top trend predictions:

1. More books will celebrate strong female characters
2. The demand for kid friendly non fiction will continue to grow
3. Iconic series and characters return with new stories
4. Magical creatures will take children to new worlds
5. Books featuring hands-on activities will engage children of all ages and interests

For more information on these trends and books that fall into these categories, check out the full Scholastic blog post here.

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