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New post by Jennifer Baker up on the CBC Diversity Blog!

Jennifer Baker, publishing professional, creator/host of the Minorities in Publishing podcast, and social media director and writing instructor for Sackett Street Writers’ Workshop, shares her publishing journey in a brand new post for the CBC Diversity Blog!

About halfway into my 4-year degree at The City College of New York I met David Unger, head of the school’s publishing certificate program (PCP). The PCP was a well-known secret in a way, and those of us, English majors, a few design or communications majors, were recruited, pretty stealthily. I was asked what my intentions were after graduation. I had already felt the pressure, a slow realization that I would have to go into education because what else was there for me, as someone who loved to write and loved books, as someone who decided to pursue English/Creative Writing as their degree of choice? I don’t know why publishing hadn’t come to mind until I met David, and later Cathy who co-ran the program together. Publishing wasn’t just an option it became the option for me.

Read her full story here.

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