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A Different Lens: Part 2

Contributed by Mary Birdsell, Photographer

Last month I wrote an article for this site, discussing my 
experience photographing children with special needs and my upcoming trip to 
photograph children in Tanzania. International 
, two words that appear exciting, exotic, and luxurious, are in 
reality about spending hours wedged between strangers. It is neither exciting,
exotic, nor even the slightest bit luxurious. After landing in a different 
hemisphere, the excitement starts to build again. I’m not sure what I expected 
to see in Tanzania, but I was surprised to see fields of corn. As a 
Midwesterner, I’m well versed in fields of corn and found it very welcoming.
What made it exotic was seeing palm trees growing next to the corn. Fields, mountains,
plains, rain forests, and beaches met to make picture perfect views.

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