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National Ambassador Gene Luen Yang to Write a New Nonfiction Book on Basketball

During Yang’s inauguration speech, he described a former aversion to basketball and how reading Outside the Paint, a history book by Kathleen S. Yep, instilled a yearning within him to read more books about the sport. He found more books including Balls Don’t Lie, a young adult novel by Matt De La Peña, and developed a friendship with the coach of a basketball team.

Yang learned more about his new friend, a physical education teacher named Lou Richie, and Richie’s basketball team. He discovered a new story that he wanted to share with the world: “the team’s story.”

Books can be ambassadors for you, too. Books can help you understand people from other cultures, religions, and ways of living. Books can help you understand topics that you find intimating. (Boing Boing)

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