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The 2015 PW Publishing Industry Salary Survey

89% of respondents identified as white/Caucasian, the same as in 2013. The diversity problem has gained visibility, however, with only 21% of respondents feeling that steps have been made in diversifying the industry’s workforce in the past year.

Respondents suggested several obstacles on the diversity front, including low starting salaries and unpaid internships that deter minorities, and limited outreach to diverse candidates. 

If publishers are indeed recruiting a new generation of employees, they do not appear to be hiring minorities…With the survey finding no real change in the racial composition of the workforce, it is no surprise that only 21% of respondents felt that strides had been made in diversifying the industry’s workforce in 2014. A much higher percentage, however, said they believe the industry has made progress in publishing titles by nonwhite authors and titles aimed at more diverse readers. (Publishers Weekly)

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