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President Obama to Announce New eBook and Library Initiatives

As part of the president’s ConnectED program, the White House has reached out to major book publishers to provide over $250 million in free eBooks to low-income students. In addition, the administration has launched the ConnectED Library Challenge, calling on local library directors, governments, and schools across the United States to make library cards available to all students.

The following CBC-member publishers have pledged their support in the White House’s eBook initiative:

  • Macmillan: To provide unlimited access to all K-12 age-appropriate titles in their title catalog of roughly 2,500 books.
  • Simon & Schuster: To provide access to their entire e-catalog of books for kids 4-14, comprised of 3,000 titles.
  • Penguin Random House: To provide an extensive offering of their popular and award-winning books.
  • Hachette: To offer participating students access to a vast catalogue of their popular and award-winning titles.
  • Candlewick Press: To provide unlimited access to all relevant children’s and young adult eBook titles in their catalog.

  • Bloomsbury: Providing unlimited access to over 1,000 of its most popular titles.

Several government, non-profit, and philanthropic organizations have also joined in the effort, including:

  • New York Public Library: NYPL is at work with industry and tech leaders, developing an innovative e-reader app to improve students’ experience.
  • First Book: The literacy non-profit is partnering with NYPL and interested publishers to ensure that eBooks are delivered to underserved students.

(Associated Press)

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