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Little Five Star Partners with ‘Pets in the Classroom’ Program

The Arizona-based publisher is currently seeking sponsors to help deliver a copy of Storad’s book to recipients of this year’s ‘Pets in the Classroom’ grant. Featuring illustrations by Alex Lopez, the book teaches children about proper pet care and respect for all animals. For these reasons, executive director of The Pet Care Trust Steve King is excited to partner with Little Five Star:

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to co-promote Mr. Storad’s wonderful book and our grant program…and we hope that many more teachers will be inspired to adopt a classroom pet as a result of the book’s enjoyable exploration of the learning opportunities that interacting with animals at school can present.”

To learn more about Little Five Star or to help with the project, email
FiveStarPublications@gmail.com, or visit www.GatorGatorSecondGrader.com

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