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Scholastic Wins 26 REVERE and Beacon Awards for Outstanding and Innovative Educational Publishing

NEW YORK, NY — Scholastic (NASDAQ: SCHL), the global children’s publishing, education and media company, has been recognized with 26 REVERE and Beacon Awards for its classroom magazines, educational programs and professional development resources from the Association of American Publishers (AAP). AAP’s annual awards recognize the year’s gold-standard learning resources and are acknowledged by educators, administrators and parents nationwide as a seal of excellence in the education industry.

Scholastic received a Golden Lamp Award, the educational resource industry’s top honor, for iRead, a digital program for grades K–2 that ensures mastery of foundational reading skills for students of all backgrounds and reading levels. In addition, Scholastic won the Innovation Award for MATH 180, the groundbreaking blended learning solution that accelerates students to algebra, as well as three Beacon Awards and 21 Distinguish Achievement Awards in categories ranging from Whole Publication Design to Supplemental Resources—19 of these going to Scholastic’s classroom magazines.

“For over 93 years, all of us at Scholastic have made it our mission to create deeply engaging educational materials and programs that support learning for both educators and students,” said Hugh Roome, President, Scholastic Consumer and Professional Publishing. “We are thrilled to be recognized by AAP for our rich content, innovative and effective use of technology, and creative design and marketing, especially at a time when students and educators need truly original digital and print resources to meet new, higher educational standards. We believe that these attributes are the reason there are now more than 13 million subscribers to our educational magazines.”

Supplemental Resource: Scholastic iRead 

MATH 180

Gold Beacon Winner: Scholastic Comprehension Clubs

Integrated Materials Campaign: Scholastic Comprehension Clubs

Marketing Website: www.Scholastic.com/iRead 

Whole Curriculum Programs: MATH 180

Supplemental Resources: 
Additional Areas of Study: Independent Reading Assessment: Nonfiction

Science, Health, and the Environment: Science World® 

Article Design:

  • “Fish Heads for Lunch?” Junior Scholastic® (Grades 6–8)
  • “Robot Zoo” Scholastic SuperScience® (Grades 3–6)


  • “Catching the Tiger Killers” Scholastic Action® (Grades 6–12)
  • “Get Busy With Some Great Books” Storyworks® (Grades 3–6)
  • “Inside the Ice” Scholastic News® Edition 2 (Grade 2)

Whole Publication Design:

  • “Tougher Than the Taliban” The New York Times Upfront® (Grades 9–12)
  • “Slimed!” Scholastic Science Spin® (Grades 3–6)

Departments, Columns, and Sections:

  • “News+Notes” Scholastic ART® (Grades 7–12)
  • “Cool Science Jobs” SuperScience (Grades 3–6)

Feature Article:

  • “Funny Business” Junior Scholastic (Grades 6–8)
  • “The Magical World of Isaac” Storyworks (Grades 3–6)
  • “Keeping Up with Bear Cubs” Scholastic News Edition 2 (Grade 2)

News Story/Reporting:

  • “Sisters in Arms” The New York Times Upfront (Grades 9–12)
  • “Boston Bombing Coverage” Scholastic News Online (Grades 3–6)
  • “The Hunt for the Giant Squid” Scholastic News Edition 2 (Grade 2)

One-Theme Issue:

  • “Portrait Art Today: Spotlight on Kehinde Wiley” Scholastic ART (Grades 7–12)
  • “Earth Day” Scholastic DynaMath® (Grades 3–6)
  • “Earth Day Power!” Scholastic News Edition 2 (Grade 2)
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