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CBC Diversity: Making Your Own Market

Have you been following the wonderful new series over at The Brown Bookshelf entitled “Making Our Own Market”, which launched the first day of Children’s Book Week 2014?

They’ve featured 11 guest posts thus far that focus on authors paving their own way: independent publishers, new packaging companies, and out of the box publicity techniques to just name a few. See how The Brown Bookshelf describes their series below and check out all of the posts on their site:

The kidlit world is currently abuzz with many loud, strong, and unified voices crying out, “WE NEED DIVERSE BOOKS!” The cry has been made before, but this time there appears to be an organized activism accompanying the noise.

In that same activist spirit, we at The Brown Bookshelf reached out to a variety of experienced individuals involved in the creation of children’s books written and/or illustrated by African Americans and asked them to share the wisdom they have attained as they’ve worked to make sure these books not only make it to publication, but also reach the widest audience possible.

What’s another way to create your own market? Support independent bookstores who focus on selling and publicizing diverse books like Busboys and Poets, La Casa Azul Bookstore, and the many that can be found by state here.

What bookstores do you know that do a fabulous job of selling and promoting children’s books by and about people from different cultures?

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