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Rainbow Rowell Lands Two-Book Deal with First Second

These two books will mark Rowell’s entry into the graphic novel genre. Faith Erin Hicks, a graphic novel writer and artist, has agreed to create the artwork for the first book. Senior Editor Calista Brill oversaw the acquisitions process.

Rowell began reading comics at the age of 14 when she started borrowing them from a school bus buddy. “That was it for me. I’ve been reading comics and graphic novels ever since. And when I started writing novels, comics found their way into my books…. I’ve always read comics and thought about them and talked about them. And I fantasized about writing them, but that seemed so unlikely. I couldn’t imagine a path to that opportunity…. I’m so excited about it. I hope I’m good at it. If you can get good at writing comics by reading them, I’m going to be awesome. I’m definitely taking the project as seriously as any of my traditional novels. My goal is to get to do this again.”

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