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Scholastic Announces New Nonfiction ‘Guided Reading’ Program for the Common Core

NEW YORK, NY — Scholastic, the global children’s publishing, education and media company, today announced the release of Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus: Second Edition, for K–6 reading instruction. Built for the Common Core State Standards, the program includes a new collection of nonfiction books and informational texts carefully chosen by Scholastic editors, including memoirs, photo essays and more.

With 80 percent nonfiction and 20 percent fiction, Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus: Second Edition provides students the opportunity to develop their ability to read and understand challenging texts that meet the demands of the Common Core. Through tailored instruction using books that appeal to students’ myriad interests—from science to social studies to the arts to math—students gain the comprehensive skills needed to become confident readers.

To meet the needs of both advanced and struggling students, Guided Reading helps teachers match students with appropriate texts that activate students’ prior knowledge and introduce challenging academic vocabulary.

Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus: Second Edition includes new rigorous nonfiction titles that that kids are interested in and want to read,” said Francie Alexander, Senior Vice President & Chief Academic Officer for Scholastic. “With new engaging nonfiction and fiction texts students will build important academic vocabulary and background knowledge needed to read the more difficult texts required by the Common Core.”

For teachers, Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus: Second Edition includes a brand-new Teacher’s Guide featuring sections that support Common Core instruction and provides prompts and strategies to help students build critical thinking skills. Updated teaching cards accompany every title to help guide conversations, make connections across texts and introduce and reinforce high-frequency, academic and domain-specific vocabulary.

For more information on Guided Reading Nonfiction Focus: Second Edition, please visitscholastic.com/guidedreading.

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