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Holidays in Kid Lit

December 22, 2016

Classic and contemporary children's books are filled with scenes of cozy, holiday celebrations. It's no wonder, then, that today's authors (and readers) dream of spending the holiday season with their favorite fictional families.

Author Ken Calhoun (Black Moon) wishes he could celebrate with Stuart and the Little family, while Leesa Cross-Smith (Every Kiss a War) and Jordan Rosenfeld (Women in Red) dream of Christmas with the Weasleys.

Butterbeer, twinkle lights, Weasley Is Our King cupcakes and cut-out cookies, roast chicken and veggies, firewhisky, popcorn, the Burrow. I’d spend the holidays with the Weasleys…The Harry Potter world/fandom is incredibly cozy to me and I like my Christmas cozy. — Leesa Cross-Smith (Bookish 

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