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Children's & Teen Choice Book Awards Finalists and Winners:
Three Hens and a Peacock
Illustrated by: Henry Cole
ISBN: 978-1561455645
Price: $15.95
Published by: Peachtree

Three Hens and a Peacock

by Lester L. Laminack

Nothing unusual ever happened on the Tuckers farm. Until the day that peacock showed up…

When a glamorous visitor lands unexpectedly in their midst and begins attracting customers, three hardworking hens protest:

How come we do all the hard work and he gets all the attention?

To keep the peace, the wise old hound dog suggests a swap. The hens and the peacock soon find out that others jobs aren t always as easy as they seem.

What will happen when three gussied-up hens spend the day prancing and parading at passing cars? And will that peacock ever figure out how to lay an egg?

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