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Thea Stilton #4: Catching the Giant Wave
Ages 8-12
ISBN: 9781629910505
Price: $9.99
Published by: Papercutz

Thea Stilton #4: Catching the Giant Wave

by Thea Stilton
The Thea Sisters are five fun, lively students at Mouseford Academy on Whale Island, who want to be real, live journalists, just like their hero, Thea Stilton. Between classes, friendships, crushes, and some bizarre mysteries to solve, they find life to be a never-ending adventure!

Everyone is talking about Windy Island’s new surf center, even Nicky’s hero, Australian surf champion Gary Moon! The artificial reef is supposed to create perfect waves. But the Thea Sisters have discovered a dangerous secret: even a surf champion can’t face these giant waves! it’s up to them to break the story before another reef is built off the shore of their beloved Donkey Beach.
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