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The Yoyo and the Piggy Bank
Ages 5-9
Illustrated by: Keith Everland
ISBN: 9781942155058
Price: $16.95
Published by: Peter E. Randall Publisher LLC

The Yoyo and the Piggy Bank

by Susan Werner Thoresen
Anna’s pal Jackson dazzles her with his bright-green yoyo, inspiring Anna to buy her own. But how? Anna’s mother encourages her to earn the money herself, providing Anna with an heirloom piggy bank for saving (and rattling!) her coins. Neighbors offer paying chores and teach Anna some wicked tricks for the sparkly purple yoyo she wants from Mr. Jones’s store. The colorful illustrations capture the joy Anna feels earning her coins, learning about money, and shaking her humongous piggy bank as she nears her goal.
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