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The Wolf’s Boy
Ages 8-12
ISBN: 9781484725535
Price: $16.99
Published by: Disney Publishing Worldwide

The Wolf’s Boy

by Susan Williams Beckhorn

Award-winning author Susan Williams Beckhorn delivers a powerful tale set in Paleolithic times. Inspired by modern discoveries, this carefully researched story creates a vivid picture of a time when the first wolves came to live with humans and forged a bond that lives on to this day. An outcast boy named Kai burns to become a hunter and to earn a rightful place among his people. But that can never be. He was born with a clubfoot. It is forbidden for him to use or even touch a hunter’s sacred weapons. Shunned by the other boys, Kai turns to his true friends, the yellow wolves, for companionship. But when Kai discovers a motherless cub in the pack, he’ll risk everything to save her, bringing her back to live with him. But as winter draws near, Kai’s wolf grows ever more threatening in the eyes of the People.

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