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The Wizard Who Saved the World
Ages 7-12
Illustrated by: Roberta Collier-Morales
ISBN: 9780972181945
Price: $15.00
Published by: Big Kid Science

The Wizard Who Saved the World

by Jeffrey Bennett

Can a book that deals with global warming be inspirational instead of depressing? Can it explain the science in ways that even a child will understand without raising political issues among adults? Can it tell a serious story while making kids dream as they read? The answer to all three questions is emphatically yes, at least if you read The Wizard Who Saved the World from Big Kid Science. In this remarkable book, young Diego dreams of being a wizard so he can make the world a better place. When he realizes that he can’t really perform magic, Diego thinks of ways he can help save the world by considering many potential careers and what it would take to achieve them. The story concludes with Diego running out of the house and glancing in a mirror, where he sees that his reflection shows him as a wizard after all. Like all Big Kid Science books, The Wizard Who Saved the World includes “Big Kid Box” sidebars that explain the crucial educational concepts that lie behind the scenes of the story.

Winner of a Nautilus Silver Medal and a Mom’s Choice Award.

Also available in Spanish: El mago que salvó el mundo