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The Story of Fish and Snail
Ages 3-5
ISBN: 9780670784899
Price: $16.99
Published by: Penguin Young Readers Group

The Story of Fish and Snail

by Deborah Freedman
Every day, Snail waits for Fish to come home with a new story.

Today, Fish’s story (about pirates!) is too grand to simply be told: Fish wants to show Snail. But that would mean leaving the familiar world of their book—a scary prospect for Snail, who would rather stay safely at home and pretend to be kittens. Fish scoffs that cats are boring; Snail snaps back. Is this book too small for the two feuding friends? Could this be THE END of The Story of Fish and Snail?

Deborah Freedman, author of Blue Chicken, has created a sweet and playful story about friendship that truly jumps off the page.
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