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The Shark Whisperer
Ages 8 to 12
Illustrated by: Antonio Javier Caparo
ISBN: 9781938063442
Price: $9.95
Published by: Mighty Media Press

The Shark Whisperer

by Ellen Prager
After his most klutzy move ever, falling into a pool of sharks, things for Tristan Hunt begin to look up. Tristan is invited to an ocean-themed summer camp in the Florida Keys where he discovers that he and the other young teens there have very special and rare talents when it comes to the ocean. After the camp receives a distress call from ocean animals, Tristan and his new friends get pulled into a daring rescue in the Bahamas. With the help of sharks, dolphins, a quick-escape artist octopus, and some seabird bombers, the campers must use their young talents in an attempt to outwit an evil shark-finning, reef-blasting billionaire.
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