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The Romeo and Juliet Code
Ages 7-12
ISBN: 9780545215114
ISBN (paperback): 9780545218276
Price: $16.99
Price (paperback): $6.99
Published by: Scholastic Inc.

The Romeo and Juliet Code

by Phoebe Stone

Felicity’s glamorous parents don’t tell her anything when they drop her off at the Bathburn house in Maine. They don’t tell her why Uncle Gideon acts so strangely. They don’t tell her why Derek, the only other kid in the house, refuses to come out of his room. Worst of all, Felicity’s parents don’t tell her where they are going, and won’t say when they’ll return. And then the letters start coming, in slim blue Air Mail envelopes. Felicity is sure they’re from her parents, but if so, why are they in code? Will Felicity discover just what the Bathburns are hiding? Can one person heal an entire family—all while in the throes of her first big crush? It’s a tall order for a small girl, but Felicity is determined to crack the Romeo and Juliet code.