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The Nocturnals: The Fallen Star
Ages 7-12
Illustrated by: Kate Liebman
ISBN: 9781944020057
Price: $15.99
Published by: Fabled Films Press

The Nocturnals: The Fallen Star

by Tracey Hecht

In The Fallen Star, Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark awaken one evening to a disaster: all of the forest’s pomelos have been mysteriously poisoned! As the Nocturnal Brigade sets out to investigate, they encounter Iris, a mysterious aye-aye, who claims monsters from the moon are to blame. While the three heroes suspect a more earthly explanation, the animals of the valley are all falling ill. And then Tobin gets sick, too! The Nocturnal Brigade must race to find answers, and the cure, before the pomelo blight threatens to harm them all.

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