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The Mousier the Merrier! (Mouse Math)
Ages 4-6
Illustrated by: Deborah Melmon
ISBN: 9781575654478
ISBN (paperback): 9781575654409
ISBN (ebook): 9781575654416
Price: $22.60
Price (paperback): $7.95
Price (ebook): Multi-User and Single-User Pricing Available for E-book
Published by: Kane Press, Inc.

The Mousier the Merrier! (Mouse Math)

by Eleanor May

Albert has the rainy-day blues. But Mom’s suggestion that he and Wanda invite some friends over snowballs when Albert invites one mouse after another! How will they ever fit—and what will Mom say? Math concept: Counting. All books in the MOUSE MATH series feature fun end-of-book activities, as well as free printable online activities for each title and math concept!