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Children's & Teen Choice Book Awards Finalists and Winners:
The Monstrous Book of Monsters
Ages 5-8
Illustrated by: Jonny Duddle and Aleksei Bitskoff
ISBN: 9780763657567
Price: $17.99
Published by: Templar/Candlewick

The Monstrous Book of Monsters

by Libby Hamilton

Written by Dr. Thomas Jelly and packed with nauseating novelties and foul facts, this book will teach you how to avoid monsters, show you how to spot them in the news or on the street, and give you a peek inside their dangerous (and smelly) world. At the end, we learn that Dr. Jelly has fallen foul of the infamous book monster, and the readers themselves will be lucky to escape the same fate!

Do you dare to delve into the freakishly funny Monstrous Book of Monsters, where nothing is as it seems?
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