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The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space
Ages 8-Up
Illustrated by: Brendan Kearney
ISBN: 9781633225183
Price: $16.95
Published by: Quarto Children's Group USA

The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space

by Heidi Fiedler
You’ll learn something new about this huge universe of ours every time you turn the page in The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space.

Start by learning about the different planets in our solar system, all the way from Mercury to Neptune (and even dwarf planet Pluto!). Then reach out further and discover about the Milky Way Galaxy and other neighboring galaxies (and what is in them).

On the journey through space, learn about different terms like asteroid belt, nebula, and supernova. Even learn about mysterious black holes!

The Know-Nonsense Guide to Space turns what can at times be dry topics into something approachable and fun. Full of quirky and hilarious illustrations, kids will love learning so much they might even laugh out loud.
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