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The Hidden Kingdom
Ages 9-up
Illustrated by: Kate Liebman
ISBN: 9781944020118
Price: $15.99
Published by: Fabled Films Press

The Hidden Kingdom

by Tracey Hecht and Sarah Fieber
In The Nocturnals: The Hidden Kindgom (HC, $15.99, February 2018), animals in a valley start to trip on the crumbling ground beneath them, water disappears, and disembodied voices are heard. Everyone assumes the forest is under an evil spell. However, it’s a group of veiled creatures – a chameleon, stick bugs, leaf bugs, and other assorted camouflaged insects – that are upset because they want the valley’s recognition for their hard work in preventing a drought. The Nocturnal Brigade – Dawn, Tobin, and Bismark – solves this mystery and unites the forest. The storytelling is further amplified by a new design that has over fifty full color images integrated throughout the book.
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