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CBC Showcase:
The Griffin and the DInosaur
Ages 10-up
Illustrated by: Chris Muller
ISBN: 9781426311086
Price: $18.99
Published by: National Geographic Kids

The Griffin and the DInosaur

by Marc Aronson
Could Griffins have been real? When Adrienne Mayor carefully read the ancient Greek and Roman descriptions, this mythic hybrid of a lion and an eagle sounded like something people had actually seen. What could explain that evidence? After a decade of hunting through myths, poring over old maps, and tracing the discoveries of modern dinosaur hunters, she found the answer: awesome dinosaur fossils observed by ancient gold-hunters in the Gobi desert. Here is the story of one insightful, curious, and determined woman who solved the mystery of the Griffin, and invented a new science. Now she and others travel the world matching myths and fossils.
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