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CBC Showcase:
The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil
Ages 9-12
Illustrated by: Min-Chun Huang
ISBN: 9780985000851
Price: $9.95
Published by: Tumblehome Learning, Inc.

The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil

by Barnas Monteith
On a museum visit, Benson and Anita meet a famous paleontologist showing off his newest fossil find – a missing link between dinosaurs and birds. But something doesn’t feel right. Then a dude from the future offers to send them back in time to learn the truth. Benson and Anita meeting Shen Kuo, Mary Anning, Baron Georges Cuvier, Roy Chapman Andrews, and Jack Horner. They face ancient Chinese imperial soldiers, help did a sea monster out of a cliff, flee Mongolian bandits, and explore the badlands of the American west. Armed with their new knowledge of paleontology, Benson and Anita return ready to uncover the fraud. But then their enemy finds out what they’re trying to do…
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