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The Forgetting
Ages 12-up
ISBN: 9780545945219
Price: $18.99
Published by: Scholastic Inc.

The Forgetting

by Sharon Cameron

In a society that loses its collective memory, one girl remembers everything. Sharon Cameron, the beloved author of Rook, takes readers by storm with her brilliant foray into science fiction.

Seventeen-year-old Nadia lives in Canaan, a quiet city in an idyllic world, hemmed in by high walls that are constructed of a material no one in her town recognizes. Every twelve years, the people of Canaan undergo a collective Forgetting, in the days before which the town devolves into a chaos of bloody violence, and after which the people are left without any trace of memory of themselves, their families, their lives. Nadia has never forgotten, however.

As the next Forgetting approaches, Nadia is determined to find out what causes it and whether there is any way to stop it. With the help of Gray, the handsome glassblower’s son, she discovers that there is a devious plot afoot . . . one that keeps the people of Canaan permanently subdued. Will Nadia be able to solve the mystery before the people forget the truth? And before Gray forgets her?

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