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The Boy & The Book: A Wordless Story
Ages 2-5
Illustrated by: Bob Kolar
ISBN: 9781580895620
Price: $16.95
Published by: Charlesbridge Publishing, Inc.

The Boy & The Book: A Wordless Story

by David Michael Slater
In this wordless story, a little boy finds a book that he loves at the library. It’s a match made in kid lit heaven. But not for the book. Sometimes the little boy’s excitement gets the better of him and the book suffers from possibly too much love: bent pages, tears, hugs, tossing, and shaking. The boy soon learns that the book is not just an object and is so much more on the inside. He loves what the book gives him more than the fun he had playing with it. Bob Kolar’s charming and hilarious illustrations show how sometimes our love for a good book can be too much, but with a more gentle touch, books can give us much comfort and joy.
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