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CBC Showcase:
The Big Crunch
Ages 13 up
ISBN: 9780545240758
Price: $17.99
Published by: Scholastic Inc.

The Big Crunch

by Pete Hautman

Wes and Jen do not “meet cute.” They do not swoon with desire. They do not instantly feel like soul mates. This is not that kind of love story. Instead, Jen and Wes hang around in each other’s orbits…until eventually they collide. And even after that happens, they’re still not sure where it will go. Especially after Jen starts to pity date one of Wes’s friends. Especially after their orbits don’t align so closely anymore. This is a love story for readers not particularly biased toward romance. But it is romantic, in the same way that the truth can sometimes be romantic, and uncertainty can be a big come on.