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The Axe of Sundering
Ages 8-up
ISBN: 9781609079345
Price: $19.99
Published by: Shadow Mountain

The Axe of Sundering

by M.L. Forman
In 2009, readers were introduced to the Adventurers Wanted series. Now, the series is drawing to a close with long-awaited fifth and final volume.
After seeing an ad in a bookstore window for “Adventurers Wanted,” fifteen-year-old Alexander Taylor joins a group of other men, elves, and dwarves on a quest to defeat a dangerous dragon. Alex is outfitted with a magical “bag of holding” and learns he has the potential to be a warrior and a wizard. He and his friends embark on a number of adventures throughout the previous four volumes, battling goblins, bandits, trolls, sphinxes, and more. Along the way, Alex meets wise Oracles, helpful elves, and couragous dwarves. He masters his magical abilities and learns the value of friendship and honor.
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