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Sled Dog Dachshund
Ages 5-7
Illustrated by: An Phan
ISBN: 9780996545433
Price: $14.99
Published by: Minted Prose

Sled Dog Dachshund

by Laura Atkins

When Jasper the dachshund hears about the world’s biggest dog sled race in Alaska, he just knows he can win. And when his family goes to watch the race, he decides to enter. Jasper tries every position, but he’s too little and doesn’t fit into the sled’s harness. That doesn’t stop him. Jasper sneaks aboard a team sled and finds a way to become a part of the team. His yappy enthusiasm keeps them moving and Jasper learns how much energy it takes to pull the sled. In the final stretch of the race, his team is neck and neck with another sled. Can Jasper help lead his team to victory? Will they win by a (long, pointy) nose?

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