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Seen and Not Heard
Ages 5-8
Illustrated by: Katie May Green
ISBN: 9780763676124
Price: $15.99
Published by: Candlewick Press

Seen and Not Heard

by Katie May Green
Welcome to Shiverhawk Hall! It’s a big old house full of treasure, mystery, and stories. Here, just look up on the wall. See these beautiful paintings? These are children who used to live here long ago: the DeVillechild twins, the Pinksweet tots . . . my, they look like such good children. So very well behaved. But wait a minute, did you see that? One of their eyes seemed to blink! Did you hear that? A rustle! A whisper! The tiniest scratch! Can it be that when darkness falls, the children on the walls at Shiverhawk Hall climb out of their paintings and run amok?
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