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Seed School
Ages 4-7
Illustrated by: Sakshi Mangal
ISBN: 9781633223745
Price: $16.95
Published by: Quarto Children's Group USA

Seed School

by Joan Holub
Welcome to the wondrous world of seeds! Just like people, seeds come in all shapes and sizes. In Seed School by Joan Holub, you'll meet the charming cast of characters who--with the help of soil, water, and sunshine--grow into vibrant fruits, vegetables, and flowers.

While some of the seed friends seem to sprout and grow up in just one season, one odd-looking seed with a cap takes many years to become the strong oak he was destined to be. Sakshi Mangal's delightful illustrations bring this whimsical story about friendship, diversity, and the natural world that surround us to life.
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